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FERASCO, LLC - Forensic Evidence Recovery And Storage Company features a fully-secured, sprinklered warehouse facility that provides an appropriate environment to protect the integrity of your evidence.

FERASCO,LLC specializes in the preservation, collection, transportation, and examination of civil forensic evidence.  Types of claims we regularly encounter relate to fire, water, personal injury, liability and other civil matters. Other specialized services include constructing mock-ups for testing and simulation of pre-incident scene conditions. This testing takes place at either our facility or at a local burn building.

At FERASCO, we operate  with neutrality, offering no opinion as to the cause of the loss or the method of failure.  Our only interest in each case is to insure that proper steps are taken to maintain the integrity of the evidence at all time.

FERASCO, LLC provides a secure climate controlled facility which offers experts a location to host joint examinations with parties of interest. Destructive examinations and testing of all types of evidentiary materials are commonly conducted. Our facility offers many tools including pneumatics, power equipment and hand tools.  Housed within the facility are a stereo microscope with camera, an X-Ray viewer, two automotive lifts,  large screen LCD display with a VGA connection and  sonic bath.  Additionally on-site is a  real time digital X-Ray capability.  For those who prefer, a radiological x-ray company is located  just seven miles from FERASCO.

FERASCO meticulously recovers and stores fire and non-fire related evidentiary artifacts, items and materials of interest from minute to large, including, but not limited to household appliances, commercial and industrial items, machinery, boats, and recreational/passenger vehicles. Our competitive pricing for recovery is based on the nature and complexity of that recovery from a simple pick up to a complicated removal. We realize that cost is important to our own clients as well as yours.

Our recovery services areas include the entire east coast from Georgia to New England. Our facility is conveniently located in Central New Jersey, situated less than five minutes from Interstate 287 and State Highway 22 , NJ Transit service to New York and within close proximity to all area hotels and international and local airports.