Mobile digital radiographic (X-Ray) saves time and money

FERASCO’s fast data duplication digital radiographic (X-Ray) service can respond to the loss location to provide on–site services that  allows for the triage of artifacts to save time, collection and storage costs.  This unit can also respond to your facility or a designated facility to assist during the inspection of artifacts. It scans and records without harming electronics with detailed and accurate results. This unit works as a stand-alone operation generator or a shore power mobile broadband hotspot.

The X-Ray unit is a small, lightweight x-ray generator that operates on its own removable battery pack. It is a pulsed x-ray device that produces x-ray pulses of very short duration (50 nanoseconds). It produces a relatively low dose rate comparable to a 1.0 ma constant potential machine. The energy produced is up to 270KVP, which makes it possible to radiograph up to one (1) inch (2.54 cm) of steel. FERASCO has provided X-Ray service at fire scenes, environmental losses, no light/low light environments.

Welcome to FERASCO

FERASCO, LLC – Collects and preserves evidence in accordance with the most recent editions of the American Society for Testing and Materials- ASTM E-1188 (Standard Practice for Collection and Preservation of Information and Physical Items by a Technical Investigator), ASTM E-1459 (Standard Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation) and the National Fire Protection Association- NFPA 921 (Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations). Evidentiary artifacts, items and materials stored at the FERASCO facility will not be opened for inspection without prior notice of approval from the client.

FERASCO, LLC – Provides a state of the art evidence depository to maintain chain of possession of evidentiary items and materials. During acquisition, the chain of custody of the evidence is documented by digital photography or videography at the time it is acquired.

FERASCO, LLC – Provides attorneys, insurance companies, risk managers and manufacturers a safe and secure environment for maintaining the integrity of evidence in anticipation of and throughout the litigation process.

FERASCO, LLC – An examination room located at the FERASCO facility is available for all of your inspection needs and provides a technician, basic mechanical, electrical and pneumatic tools. Additional services available upon request include a mobile state of the art digital radiographic (x-ray) system and videographic documentation of the inspection. A conference room for private consultation with clients and/or deposition of experts is also available.

FERASCO, LLC – Our personnel are well versed on the aspects of evidence transportation needs and will make every effort to document the evidence before it is received, taking appropriate precautions to insure the integrity of the evidence as it is transported for storage. Should you require further transportation, we can deliver your evidence to other locations such as inspection facilities, deposition locations or the courthouse for jury examinations.

FERASCO, LLC – Provides services to properly dispose of your evidence when there is no further need for it. It may be returned to the owner, sold for salvage value, or destroyed. In each case, the status of the evidence will be properly documented to assure that your instructions are carried out.