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Mobile digital radiographic (X-Ray) saves time and money

FERASCO’s fast data duplication digital radiographic (X-Ray) service can respond to the loss location to provide on–site services that  allows for the triage of artifacts to save time, collection and storage costs.  This unit can also respond to your facility or a designated facility to assist during the inspection of artifacts. It scans and records without harming electronics with detailed and accurate results. This unit works as a stand-alone operation generator or a shore power mobile broadband hotspot.

The X-Ray unit is a small, lightweight x-ray generator that operates on its own removable battery pack. It is a pulsed x-ray device that produces x-ray pulses of very short duration (50 nanoseconds). It produces a relatively low dose rate comparable to a 1.0 ma constant potential machine. The energy produced is up to 270KVP, which makes it possible to radiograph up to one (1) inch (2.54 cm) of steel. FERASCO has provided X-Ray service at fire scenes, environmental losses, no light/low light environments.